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InstEd is a program that will allow you to create and edit MSI files
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InstEd is a program that will allow you to create and edit MSI files. MSI files are Microsoft Installation files. Those files are used for installing applications under Microsoft Windows. Using this program, you will be able to create installation packages for your own programs. You will then be able to obtain just one compressed file that will contain all the necessary files for your program to work, the instructions to put the different components in the right folders, and all the information you want to give to the users about your program.

You can group the files from the Media table into CAB files. InstEd allows you to modify existing CAB files, too. You will be able to see the relationships between files within the database, and modify those relationships. You can also buid the information windows that will appear when you right-click on the MSI file, and choose the "Properties" option. This program complies with the Microsoft specifications for MSI files. The Help option will lead you to the page in the Microsoft Development Network that explains how to build MSI files.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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